COVID -19 ( I Miss Amsterdam)

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Well, where do I start?

Firstly, apologies I haven't posted in a while but this scary Coronavirus has really freaked me out.

Im sure that I am not on my own when I say not only has everyday life changed lots in the last 3 Weeks but mentally, Im feeling a little overwhelmed with this whole Pandemic.  I am so thankful to all the amazing NHS and Keyworkers who are daily risking their own and their families health for us all.

I am absolutely heartbroken that we cannot travel to Amsterdam anytime soon. I understand why and I totally agree that we all need to stay home and stay safe but I can't helping feeling sad and I am missing my favourite place in the whole wide world!

The other day I stumbled over a few photographs on Instagram showing the empty streets of 'Dam. Hardly any cyclists, no cars or trams and just the odd pedestrian. I could have just sat and sobbed in to my bowl of cereal, mainly because it looked so lifeless and unreal but also because I had such a pang of jealousy that these local photographers were catching all these calm and quiet snapshots.  I've often stamped my foot in frustration or swore under my breathe because just as I  frame the perfect scene....a cyclist has just come zooming into my shot and the moment has been lost forever and my shutter wasnt fast enough to capture it. But thats the problem with such a fast and vibrant City, what I wouldnt give just to have an hour being in the strangely quiet streets. 

If anyone is really struggling mentally and needs another focus, I really do recommend having a browse on Instagram using the hashtags #amsterdam #damthegram #amsterdam_streets #amsterdamfood #amsterdamlife #amsterdamview #amsterdamshots

It's a great way of taking your mind off the current crisis and no better way to start planning a future trip than getting to know the City and writing a list of 'Must Do's'.

Dont forget to follow DAMDIFYOUDO on Facebook as I share new content daily and another great Facebook page is Lilly Likes Amsterdam plus the private group Amsterdam Secrets. Hopefully, I'll see you on there soon.

Stay Home & Stay Safe. Keep remembering the good times.

Claire X




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