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  1. 4/20

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    4/20. Weed Day!

    I'm sure you have all heard the myths and legends surounding 420 and how it became associated with Cannabis. I am not gonna write about which one is true as I have noticed that different cultures seem to believe different stories but I do know that 20th April (4/20) has firmly become a day of celebrations for Cannabis lovers all over the World. In some places it has become quite political with organised rallies to legalise, arranged for this particular day.

    And in Amsterdam...... its just one massive day of partying! Most Coffeeshops get on board with organised meet ups and events throughout the day and theres even 420 Fest! A festival full of competitions, awards and live music. I hear the atmosphere is amazing. 

    Many people plan their trip aound this and Kings Day which is always celebrated on 27th April plus the opening of Keukenhof Gardens at the end of March also brings lots of visitors to Amsterdam in April so I cannot stress enough to book your Hotel/Hostel extremely early to save disappointment.

    Although I am sure this year's celebrations will sadly be very different due to Covid-19 restrictions and the third wave just hitting Europe. But it doesnt stop you planning your 2022 visits.... plus you'll get your Hotels secured at a really good rate :)

    If you do need Hotel suggestions, pop on over to the DAM'D facebook page and join the group DAM'D Life. There's always lots of helpful Amsterdam lovers on there to give you plenty of top tips and suggestions.

    Please stay safe and stay dreaming of Dam...

    Happier times are on their way

    Claire x








  2. Happy Kings Day!

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    A couple of days late to the party but during this Lockdown period the days are all merging in to one! I could have sworn yesterday was Thursday (it was in fact Tuesday).

    If you haven't heard, Koningsdag is celebrated on the 27th April every year. This huge festival is to celebrate King Willem-Alexander's Birthday. Both Tourists and the Dutch flock to their nearest Cities to celebrate in style from morning to late into the night. Orange is the Royal's colour therefore the streets and people choose to be covered in orange clothing, flags and other novelties.