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  1. Welcome to DAM'D

    Firstly, Thank You for visiting. Your support means so much, I really do appreciate all the Dam Love :) 

    At 8 years old I first visited Holland in the Summer of 1988 with my Mum & Dad plus their friends. We stayed with their friend's family in a typically Dutch home in a small but quaint little village.  It was my most memorable holiday of my childhood. It's the little things that I remember most like the Frites always coming covered in Mayo (which I hated then!) and the look the Server would give my Mum when she asked for plain ones for me. The local grocery store having every flavour of Chewing Gum imaginable and generally no-one drove anywhere. The bicycle paths were back then very busy and most importantly the delicious Hagelslaag and Vlokken which I had on toast every single day for Breakfast tasted like the food of the Gods!