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  1. Well, where do I start?

    Firstly, apologies I haven't posted in a while but this scary Coronavirus has really freaked me out.

    Im sure that I am not on my own when I say not only has everyday life changed lots in the last 3 Weeks but mentally, Im feeling a little overwhelmed with this whole Pandemic.  I am so thankful to all the amazing NHS and Keyworkers who are daily risking their own and their families health for us all.

  2. Generally we travel to Amsterdam by Plane but last October we decided to try visiting by crossing the North Sea and booked a P&O Ferries Mini Cruise with the kids.

    The P&O Mini Cruises sail from Hull - Rotterdam. These huge passenger and vehicle Ferries are very popular due to the prices. We were lucky enough to book when they offered a BOGOF (buy one get one free) deal but in high season prices still seem extremely fair and reasonable.