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  1. Hey Guys & Girls

    It has been absolutely ages since I updated the Blog. Im sure I will have chatted to lots of you over on our Social Media channels but I thought I best update on here too.

    So much has happened to Dam'd If You Do since I started the brand in December 2019. Who would have guessed we'd have had such an unwelcome visitor throughout the World dictating how we live our lives. But thanks to all our lovely supporters, my small business has gone from strength to strength. Within the Year our branding has changed to just 'DAM'D'. I felt this was less of a mouthful and easier to logo on the Products. 

    DAM'D started with selling the very first Greetings Card to a lady in London way back in January to now posting Products to Europe and even the USA!DAM'D has gone global baby! Hahahaha. Seriously though, I thank all my lovely Amsterdam loving Shoppers from the bottom of my heart. Throughout the pandemic I did wonder whether my little business would weather the storm what with most travel banned and limited.

    I cannot forget to mention the Social Media DAM'D family! In just under a Year weve grown to over 5000 likes and followers. We ahve so many giggles on the Facebook page and Ive chatted to so many lovely folks from all over the world. Ive got to thank my gorgeous Grammer's too for sharing posts and spreading the DAM'D vibes,

    Lastly lets talk all things 2021! 

    I have so many plans for new Products, exciting projects and plenty more laughs so watch this space and....



    Claire xxx


  2. Hey!

    Hows it going? Thought I best check in with everyone.

    It has been months since I wrote on the blog. Dam'd has been going strength to strength on the Facebok page so I've concentrated on the content there this last few Weeks. To be honest Lockdown has being pretty much one big downer. Cancelled trips to Dam, rescheduled meetings and I'm desperate for new Amsterdam Photo's but sadly I havent dared the Flight yet. Both kids are asthmatic so my Mum brain kicks in and knows that I shouldnt be risking a trip yet to ensure their safety from Covid-19 BUT hopefully Sept/Oct will mean at least a trip over once or twice (fingers are crossed).

    I am so very jealous of you guys and girls who are making the trips now and enjoying Amsterdam at its very quietest. It must be lovely not to be fighting for a seat in your favourite Coffee Shop or Restaurant. Im turning Forty on the 28th and I should have jetted off at lunchtime from Manchester to celebrate in the Dam with the Hubby so instead the back garden will be turned into some sort of party venue....not sure how yet but I do have an Amsterdam themed cake ordered so Im looking forward to some Fizz and a huge slice :). 

    Anyways heres to lots of Amsterdam memories been made this Winter without much Covid-19 worry! Stay safe everyone, get your flights booked and keep smiling! Thanks so much for your all support on the Webshop too, Ive being like a mad woman somedays posting out Journals & Colouring means so much.

    See You In The DAM Real Soon!

    Claire x