DAM'D Is that feeling you get when you leave Central Station and head down Damrak. Whether its your First or your Fiftieth visit, The sense of freedom, spirit and adventure that hits you as you walk through the City is like no other. The buzz from the Red Lights, the rush from the Coffeeshops and the calm that envelops your whole body when you stand looking out to the Canals from the beautiful and plentiful bridges.

To remind you of 'That' feeling, Ive created some extra special Greetings Cards & Gifts to share with your friends and remember the good times. Absolutely no wholesale junk here. All our Products are created by and for DAM'D.

If you love our ethos please come and say Hi over on Facebook and Instagram. here we show off our new stock and generally have a DAM good laugh! Thanks for supporting a small business.

 Stay Dreaming Of Dam

Claire xxx     (DAM'D Founder)


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How can I not forget to remind you to take your Brolly when visiting Amsterdam! Did you know that it rains on average 217 days per Year!


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As a small business we try really hard to get things right but when we dont, we would rather you tell us. Please send us a direct message or email so we can rectify any issues that you may have. We are all human right?!